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Blue Ribbon Pre-Calculus Project.
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Pre-Calculus Syllabus and Homework:
Blue Ribbon Pre-Calculus Syllabus
Blue Ribbon Pre-Calculus Homework

Updated 11/29/2004


Pre-Calculus Project helped inspire the WvEB Mathematics Project. The Pre-Calculus Project is no longer offered through WVU Morgantown.

Students who wish to earn four hours of pre-calculus credit through the Blue Ribbon Project must be admitted into the University and must meet mathematics departmental requirements before they are permitted to register.

There will be a designated Admittance Day scheduled for each Blue Ribbon school. On Admittance Day, students must bring all documents necessary to satisfy both the University and Departmental Requirements.

University Requirements for Admittance
A high school student wishing to register for the Blue Ribbon Pre-Calculus course must have Senior Status with an overall GPA of 3.0. On the Admittance Day, a student must bring :

  1. A completed application form.
  2. The application fee of approximately $20.
  3. A high school transcript that includes an overall GPA.
  4. A letter from the high school principal giving permission to the student to take the course.
  5. A letter from the parent(s) giving permission for the student to take the course.

Departmental Requirements for Admittance
In addition to the University requirements, the student must meet the mathematics departmental requirements for this project:

  1. An earned "C" or better in the following courses: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and Trigonometry.
  2. A satisfactory score on the pre-calculus placement test.
  3. A letter from the high school teacher recommending the student take the course.


  1. Only those students who have been admitted into the University will be permitted to register for the course on the first day of classes. A University representative will meet with students to assist with their registration.
  2. Students will pay for the course on the first day of classes. The fee will be approximately $204. (A Late Registration Fee is implemented after the first day of class.) One check may be used to pay the registration and application fee.

Placement Test
University faculty will administer the pre-calculus placement test on a designated Placement Test Day at each Blue Ribbon School.